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Dr. Karla Quite is a revered psychologist who uses her unique psychic gifts to treat patients afflicted with recurring nightmares. But when tasked with helping troubled young Adam Whitlock, her journey into his mind leaves her facing forces far more malevolent than bad dreams!

A horrifying oneshot that brings together the creative team of And Then Emily Was Gone - writer John Lees, artist Iain Laurie, colorist Megan Wilson, letterer Colin Bell - Quilte enjoyed critical acclaim on its release:

Quilte gives Freddy Krueger a run for his money when it comes to terrifying nightmares.  It is truly unlike anything you will see on the stands today, filled with disturbing imagery."
- James Ferguson, Horror Talk
"This is the kind of comic that reinvigorates my love of the medium, so different from everything else on the stands and telling a take that seems to work best in comics where the art and story work together to tell the story paced out precisely on the printed page by the creators."
- Bob Bretall, Comics Spectrum
""If there’s an artist better suited to illustrating the twisted imaginings of a deeply disturbed subconscious than Iain Laurie, then I can honestly say I don’t want to ever meet them.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that Laurie is on absolute career-best form here, and once again Lees gives the Edinburgh-based artist the perfect outlet for his own trademark brand of artistic depravity, with pages packed with twisted imagery and surrealist, disorientating panel layouts aplenty."
- Craig Neilson-Adams, Big Comic Page


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